Сценки Католическое Рождество 2016

В рубриках: Декабрь

Цели и задачи.

Социокультурной аспект: Познакомить учащихся с традициями Католического Рождества в Британии.

Развивающий аспект: Развивать речь, мышление за счет выполнения логических операций. Развитие способности к имитации.

Учебный аспект: В игровой форме освоить достаточно сложную лексику, связанную с историей Рождества. Формирование лексических навыков говорения

Воспитательный аспект: Воспитывать эстетические качества в процессе обращения к поэзии и хоралам более глубокое осознание родной культуры через контекст культуры англо язычных стран.

Dear children and our guests today we are going to speak about Christmas! At Christmas time, it is traditional in England for Primary schools to put on a Nativity play the nativity play recreates the scene of Jesus birth in the stable and tells of how Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the Wise Man are played by the children.

Знаете ли вы историю Рождества? Do you know something about Christmas? Смотрим и слушаем историю Рождества. (Сценарий из истории Рождества прилагается)

Инсценированная История Рождества

Dear actors we are very grateful for your performance.

Звучит стихотворение Here is the chimney, here is the top,

Open the lid and SANTA will pop.

Санта понравилось ваше выступление, и он дарит вам веселую песню “Jingle bells“.

But at first –Welcome to the Yes /no Contest.

Викторина, посвященная Рождеству.

Конкурс 1

1. December 22 is Christmas. (No)

2. People decorate their houses. (Yes)

3. It’s the time to remember poor people. (Yes)

4. Children write letters to Christopher Columbus. (No)

5. People sing Christmas carols. (Yes)

Конкурс 2

A знаете ли вы разницу между Сантой и дедом Морозом

Father Christmas is an English version of Santa Claus. He is an old jolly man with a white hair, a beard and a moustache He and his elves make all toys for Christmas in his home in the North Pole. Grand father frost lives in Velikii Ustjug. He has grand daughter Snow Girl. He rides a horse. He is based on a real person, St Nicholas. Father Christmas comes down the chimney and places gift in children‘s stockings. В каждой стране Дед мороз называется по-разному (привести пример). (За каждый правильный ответ выдается жетон-снежинка)

Конкурс стихов 3

А теперь ваша очередь подарить стихотворение .

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

Please to put a penny in the old man’s hat.

Дети читают стихотворения.

Конкурс 4

Назовите символы Рождества. C помощью картинок дети называют символы Рождества.

Конкурс Traditional Christmas play

Santa brings us the fairy tale. Your task will be to name the tale. Originally silent production, the pantomimes are mix of fairy tales, folk tales and much loved cartoons, which encourage audience participacipation. In pantomimes the male roles are often play played by women this makes the audience laugh more. Favourite pantomimes are Snow White, Cinderella Peter Pan. Ученики показывают сценки пантомимы под музыку. (Жюри оценивает и дает балл)

5-классники показывают отрывки сказок


Hello I am Cinderella! Have got two sisters and stepmother. They don’t Like me!

Sister 1. Mummy I am so happy! The prince wants to have a ball.

Sister 2. Yes he wants to have a ball! And we can go there!

Step-mother. Very good my daughters! I want to see Queen and her son.

Sister 1. Oh Want to meet the prince, too I want to dance with him!

Cinderella. Can I go with you?

Stepmother. What? Do you really want go to the ball? Funny girl! You can’t go there.

Cinderella. Mummy, Sisters, please! Want to go to the ball so much. (Ученики после отрывка из сказки должны назвать правильно сказку на английском языке и героев)

Jack and Beanstalk

Дети смотрят отрывок и осваивают новую лексику. Называют имена героев

Narrator; So Jack climbed and climbed, till at last he saw a big tall big house There was a big tall Women in front of the house. Jack Good morning ! Would you be so kind as to give me some breakfast ?It’s breakfast you want! ! My husband is an ogre he kills and eats people. You’d better go away, for hellion is back home. Woman Get in, take your food and go away. Come on ill give you some mush. Sit down. Jack oh what’s a noise? What’s happening? Women. It’s my husband coming back home! Ogre. Fief offal, smell the blood of English men be alive or be dead I will grind his bones to make my bread. Red Riding Hood.

Звучит музыка из фильма про красную шапочку.

Do you know this tale? Try to guess. Peбята называют героев сказки.

In the house

Mom. Little Red Riding Hood, I`vegot a job for you.

Red: How much are you paying?

Mom: How about ten 10 stripes? Red Fine! Talk!

Your grandma is sick. I`ve made a cake.Take the cake and some milk to her. And don’t talk to anyone.


Wolf. Hey where are you going?

(Red looks at him and keeps walking)

Wolf Hey Where is you hurrying to?

Red (a little annoyed) I have to go my grandma’s house.

Wolf. That is a tasty looking cake.

Reedit’s for my grandmother.

Wolf. Where does granny live?

Red Far away in the middle of the woods.

Wolf You better hurry the, the woods can be dangerous place for little girl like you. Red (pointing at the wolf) I’m not so little!

Wolf (Talking to the audience)

So, a grandmother in the middle of the woods, how convenient I don’t think granny can eat the cake all by herself. Will eat that cake. Grandma :Red. Red is that you get in here, your mother called 2 hours ago! W here is that cake? (Wolf Just walks in) Grandma what in grace havens happened to you? You are so ugly! Where’s my cake

Wolf: You aren’t going to get any cake! Get in my belly! Grandma (Whipping out a light – saber and jumping). Wolf wins knocks Grandma’s Light-saber away Knocks her down behind the bed, eats her, then puts on her robe and gets into bed)

Wolf: I will have that cake. (Ребята должны назвать героев сказки)

The fisherman and the Fish.

The next week, the fisherman’s wife asks to see him. “I want to be a Queen of the land “she screams “Queen of the land?” says the fisherman. Are you mad old woman? ”The fisherman goes to the sea. Now the sky is black and the waves are very high. he calls the fish and it swims up to him “Dear fish “says the poor old. Don’t know what to do! My wife wants to be Queen of the Land!”. OK.You can have your fish. Go home now. says the fish and swims away.

Дорогие ребята! Наши герои поздравляют вас с новым годом и Рождеством ! It`s time to get presents !(Жюри подводит итоги). Дети поют песню We wish you merry Christmas!
История Рождества


Сцена 1

Император Август шагает по кругу, за ним слуга с опахалом.

1 Two thousand years ago, the emperor Augustus wanted to count the people in his land. He told every one to go back every one to go back to the city where they had been born.

Cцена 2

В кругу – мальчик, изображающий Иосифа и девочка изображающая Марию

2 Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, Mary was going to have a baby but they had to go to Bethlehem. It was a long, long trip.

4 Joseph and 3 But the was no room for them at the inn. (Хозяин гостиницы – Sorry, all filled up)

Сцена 3

Mary went to the stable. Мария и Иосиф вступают в центр. Через некоторое время Мария держит на руках куклу (младенца).

Mary’s baby was born they named him Jesus.

Гаснет свет зажигаются свечи Ангелы (Девочки) Поют песню “When at night I go to sleep”.

Angels watching over me my lord ,pray the lord my soul to keep Angels watching over me my lord.

Сцена 4

На сцене – пастухи, к ним приближается ангел.

An angel came to speak to shepherds were afraid.

Ангел – “Don’t be afraid, I bring you good news. Today, in the town of Bethlehem, a baby has been born. This baby is Christ the lord”. Гаснет свет, звучит песня Silent night, Holly night.

Сцена 5

На сцене – мальчик, изображающий звезду и трое детей изображающих мудрецов A bright star appeared in the sky. Wise men saw the star in the east.

Мудрецы – “A new king is born. Let’s go to see him Let’s bring him gifts”.

Сцена 6 the wise men followed the star it stopped over the place where the baby Jesus was born.

Гаснет свет. Звучит песня «Silent night» (2 куплет)

Зажигается свет. На сцене мудрецы и Мария. The wise men saw the child and his mother. They gave him gifts. They bowed down. They gave him gold.

Дети хором – This was the first Christmas.

Учитель – Dear Actors We are very grateful for your performance.

Учитель – Welcome to the Yes /No contest

1. December 22is Christmas. (No)

2. People decorate their houses. (Yes)

3. Children write letters to Columbus. (No)

4. People sing Christmas Carols. (Yes)

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